BBC Commission

Wow, it’s been a very busy couple of months!  Whilst Paul and I have been out and about in Derry~Londonderry photographing iconic scenes around the city for the City of Culture/Portrait of a City, we were delighted to be commissioned by the BBC to work on a photographic project for their website.

The city is lucky to have a huge archive of photographs recording its history, from as far back as the 1880s, right up until the present day. This new project involves us rephotographing iconic scenes that were originally photographed over that 130 year period. We’re using the large format film camera to photograph every image which has proved a real challenge, but we’re pleased with the results and looking forward to the work going online sometime next month. Watch this space!

In the coming posts, we’ll describe a bit more about our process and our 2 projects.

In the meantime, the picture below is of one of us sat on the cold tarmac at the roundabout at Little James Street, rephotographing an image for the BBC.



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