Ebrington Installation Begins

It’s been a very hectic few weeks but we’re delighted to announce that the first of our billboard pictures are finally up at Ebrington Square, Derry-Londonderry!

We’ve worked closely with the guys at Pakflatt printers who did a great job printing the 12 foot x 8 foot billboards at a very high quality, then with the help of the Portrait of a City, we installed 3 of the 6 pictures today. It was a long day, up and down ladders, hammering and drilling and chatting to lots of people that have come up to chat about our work, but it was an amazing feeling, stepping back and seeing the work finally up on the walls.


City Hotel and Peace Bridge Installation

City Hotel and Peace Bridge

City Hotel and Peace Bridge

                                                   One of the many things we love about seeing the work up is that everyone we’ve met has a story to tell, either because they remember buildings in the pictures that have long since gone, or that they recognise people walking down the street in our contemporary pictures. So if you’re in the City of Culture, take a wander through Ebrington Square for a look at the pictures, you might recognise a familiar scene like the old Arch Bar by Bishop’s Gate, the shop selling high quality artificial teeth on Carlisle Road, or the lovely old City Hotel next to the Guildhall.

We’ll be putting the remaining 3 billboards up around the old barracks’ walls in the next couple of weeks, and they’ll stay up through the Turner Prize and into the New Year, so come and have a look for yourself!

Bishop's Gate

Bishop’s Gate

Bishop's Gate Installation

Bishop’s Gate Installation


Carlisle Road Installation


Carlisle Road. Can you spot the shop to get your high class artificial teeth?


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