Andrew Horsman:

Andrew is a PhD researcher at the Belfast School of Arts, University of Ulster. He is exploring the ways in which photography and rephotography by RJ Welch was used to document the progress of the Congested Districts Board in Ireland, between 1883 and 1923. Andrew is making new large format photographs of the same ‘congested’ areas, to recontextualise the west of Ireland and examine the legacy on the land and the generations that continue to work it.


Twitter: @andrewhorsman73

Paul McGuckin:

Also graduate from the Master of Fine Arts in photography course at the University of Ulster in Belfast, Paul’s most recent work is a long term documentary on the ethical commitment of individuals, based on The Hundredth Monkey Effect. Previous works include a year long residency at An Grianan Theatre, Letterkenny and a reportage of the Jeanie Johnston tall ship journey to France, as part of The Flight of the Earls festival. Paul is also the official photographer to the Donegal Public Art Department.

Twitter: @paulpaulphoto

Both photographers have recently been commissioned to complete a photographic project for the BBC and are now engaged on a project for the UK City of Culture, rephotographing scenes originally photographed 100 years ago. By using a similar camera to that used originally, they seek to understand the processes used and conditions experienced by those photographers and merge their own image with that original photograph to show the passage of time in a single image. Andy and Paul are very grateful to the University of Ulster and in particular, Erol Forbes for the loan of the 5×4 camera during this project.

Email: rephotographic2013@gmail.com



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